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Why do you homeschool? Is it because you want to savor each and every moment you can with your child or children? Is it because you have specific beliefs that you feel must not be tampered with until your children are able to defend those beliefs in the world outside? Is it because you feel you have a God-given responsibility to educate your children and raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord?

We all have different reasons for educating your children from home. Some of us are more expressive about those reasons than others. There is no right way to educate your child, but there are wrong ways to do that. Each state in the USA offers specific rules and requirements as to how, when, and where you may educate your child from home and for what teacher requirements there may be required.

This newly designed website is updated from our former barefoothomeschool website. We realized there were two websites with that same name and style so we decided to update and go for a new site.

You may also follow Anthony on http://www.1radhomeschooldad.com and see what he does over there. He actually administers over our homeschool and is our curriculum development guru and academic advisor. He also takes my ideas and turns them into useable tools for us and others.



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